I Am Forgiven

Posted: October 19, 2012 in God's Love, God's Word, Poems about God, Prayer, Uncategorized
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There is hurt deep in my heart

How to heal and where to start

Is the question I ask God each day

And to learn to walk with God and learn to pray

To be forgiven is my request now

And to forgive myself I ask how

The pain I caused I can not forget

The hurt in my heart won’t leave yet

I have yet to drop to my knees and pray

Why do I persist only to delay

To get relief from the hurt I have now

And to learn to forgive myself somehow

The answers and forgiveness come from my Lord

He speaks to me most when I study His Sword

I hear The Spirit convicting me this night

As I sit and pour out my heart I write

The healing will come as I humble myself

And drop to my knees and ask for Help

I resist to pray, as if I enjoy the pain

And the hurt stands firm as I refrain

To ask for help and humble myself in prayer

And allow my God to peel back the layers

The layers of what, from Him I do ask

To help me remove all of my masks

Of hurt, pain, shame and of fear

And to help me see Jesus as I look in the mirror

Healing and forgiveness doesn’t have to be a process

When in prayer my sins I do confess

And I ask for forgiveness right from the start

I ask my Lord to cleanse and purify my heart

To purify me and change my hearts desires

And to serve my Lord completely in all He requires

As I ask God to teach me to pray

And to walk closer with Him each day

I ask God to remove all sense of pride

So no longer behind the masks I can hide

And please hear me Lord as I write down my prayers

And allow you to peal back all my layers

A second chance I have been given

For Your Word declares, I Am Forgiven


© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012

  1. Bart this is so beautiful and exactly how I felt for so long, lot of prayer ..hours..days and finally I stopped to listen and heard really heard Him say” I forgave you the very first time you asked, now my child you must forgive yourself and those that caused you pain, hurt and sorrow, for until you do this your passage in to heaven will not come about. go in peace my Child”

    • adopted80 says:

      Len, thank you for the encouraging words. Touching people through my poetry is why I continue writing and posting on my blog. Again thank you for your encouragement.


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