In my mind I can not seem to see

In my heart what is so wrong with me

I look at myself, I’m not happy inside

I get depressed, loneliness won’t subside

Amongst many people, lost in a crowd

The voices in my head won’t stop getting loud

Paranoia sets in, I want to run away

From the Word of God I try not to stray

Voices in my head trying to pull me down

Keep faith in Christ, He is my solid ground

But then a new day starts

Something still tearing at my heart

I’m trying not to run, trying not to stray

Please help me Lord, for this I pray

Christ’s strength is my only hope

I hold on tight, please help me to cope

I keep in prayer, You do affirm

Keep faith in Christ, He’s how I Stand Firm


© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and  2012

  1. Bart I am always so very moved by your praise, glory and conviction that you write about. I am truly lifted up by your words and the Holy Spirit. So thank you dear brother in Christ, for your beauiful testimony to the Love o fGod!

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