Lord, as I sit and reflect on this night

Help me to walk in love and not to fight

Your Word says this battle isn’t with

blood and flesh

Please tell me why then do I violently


It’s the evil one who tempts and toils


In my heart and in my mind, he can stir

up doubt

That can cause me to stumble, to fall on

my face

So thankful to God, He alone provides


So in this Walk of Love, Firm is how I


Reliance upon the Lord, the devils schemes

I can withstand



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and  2012

  1. How beautiful Bart! It is true the closer we get to God and the more we are in the Word, the more Satan attacks. Oh but once we get through that fire…Glory! Victory! Halleljah! I can not wait to see HIS face !

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