What Do You Hunger For

Posted: March 16, 2013 in God's Word, Love, Poems about God, Uncategorized
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Most people today do not give a care

To the God of the Bible

To the love that He shares


We get so busy living our life

The only time we need Jesus

When we are living in strife


Why is it so hard to Christ to submit

That means I have to get out of the way

And that is too hard to admit


Why do we put last Worshipping God

We have too many things to do

Too many things in our life being awed


Gods Word, why is it so hard to obey

I would have to think of others first

That mean I have to get out of the way


Gods command is that we love Him first

When we submit our life to Christ

It’s for God that we hunger and we thirst



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012

  1. Another good message, Bart!

  2. Ron Graham says:

    When we hunger for God’s will for our lives, God will use us for his kingdom work and for our growth in the Lord. Lord not my will, but your will be done in my life. Lord, may I be more like you today than I was yesterday! Thank you Lord for the written word, that is all about the living Word which live’s in my heart. Praise our Lord forever and ever Worthy is the Lamb of God for our praise.

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