So the devil knows his fate

For your soul he just waits

Just waiting for you to fall

Hoping for the Lord you won’t call


He just waits to steal your heart

So he can rip your life apart

Causing you to stumble and sin

To shred your life from within


I have to let you know one thing

It is not just the devil that stings

We are born into sin so you know

It is the devil that tempts you though


He comes to destroy your walk

So it looks like you just talk

It is not just your soul he steals

He wants your heart so you won’t feel


Why is your heart so important

So Gods ways will be unimportant

Next he comes to kill all life

So you’ll be filled with nothing but strife


His aim is to separate you from Christ

The devil wants to be your tryst

Is there a solution for all this mess

Let Christ be your Lord and nothing less



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012

  1. That’s the key, Bart; all we have to do is “let” Him! Grace, my man! It’s a wonderful thing!

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