Stumbles and Skinned Knees

These I seem to do with ease

When I sin is when I stumble

I ask WHY as I mumble

I hear a voice softly say

Turn from sin just turn away

And again I ask HOW

Put your trust in Christ now

How do I learn to trust

Put faith in Christ this is a must

Skinned knees OH how they hurt

As my tears soak my shirt

I ask myself why do I have tears

It’s simple because of my fears

This walk seems so hard

With sin I have to be on guard

I ask for strength when I stumble

I do this in a Prayer not a mumble

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012 and 2013

  1. So true, Bart. But, just think about how good it feels each time it stops hurting. We will always stumble,; the trick is to always be moving toward God, that way when we fall it’s in His direction. Think about Peter walking on the water; he was fine as long as His eyes were on Jesus, but when he looked at the storm, that’s when he fell. The thng is, Jesus knew Peter would fall, and He was ready to rescue Him.
    Jeesh… lookit at me just ramblin on. 🙂

  2. Absolutely wonderful Bart!!! Hope you and Mary have a beautiful Easter Sunday!!


  3. Jenny Gower says:

    Thank you for selecting my blog as a related article. I enjoyed your poem. I wrote a song (long, long ago) called “Stumbled Again”. I sang it all the time getting it just right, one day my 3 year old (now 26) asked me to sing the BUMBLE BEN song! Your poem somehow reminded me of that, thanks for the smile it brought to my heart!

  4. […] This is a poem that I like so very much for speaking of the truths of stumbling along the narrow path.  Stumbles and Skinned Knees […]

  5. This is great! A perfect reflection of so many of us who struggle! Well penned my friend!

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