Sexual Boomerang

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Poems about God

Compassionate Healer

We are living in a society addicted to sex. Yes, I’m talking about sex. I’m going to say sex several times during this post, so if you have a problem seeing the word sex, or the word pornography, you might as well stop now. The truth is, you already see more skin than you would like on the magazine racks, skimpy girls promoting a hamburger wearing a bikini (so not relevant), and nasty pop ups while you’re tying to find something on Google. Although you may be uncomfortable, it’s already all around you, so let’s deal with it.

Sexual addiction is real –I work with individuals who are struggling with sexual addiction. Their minds battle daily with these images. It’s like having pop ups inside their mind constantly coming at them without notice. Once they engage in these risky sexual behaviors (porn, cyber sex, multiple partners or prostitution), they are…

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