This is a poem I wrote during a short separation between my wife and i. This was a time that through prayer and seeking God we trusted that the Lord would help us reconcile…. And He did help us Reconcile.

Why do I feel

Alone and depressed

Has my love for my bride

Slowed down and regressed

My bride is the one

I should love and adore

My heart became hard

So I walked out the door

Where did I go wrong

That I didn’t mean what I said

Was I all just noise

That came rambling out of my head

I believed my vows

Surely I did

But what went wrong

And what have I hid

When I shut down

I refuse to talk

Refusing to be open

Is an area I balked

What’s wrong with me

Is a question I ask

Put trust in my Lord

Is my first and foremost task


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