What did I do how did I get lost
Where did I go wrong did I not count the cost
How did I fall and start slipping away
I took a second look and started to stray
I let temptation creep into my life
I let my own desires start causing me strife
Instead of reading Gods Word I looked at another book
I’d glance at my Bible but wouldn’t give it a second look
This started to put distance between me and my God
I wondered about the problem that caused me to be flawed
Instead of obeying conviction I turned the other way
I couldn’t fight this addiction that was causing me to stray
All of a sudden and completely unaware
I cried out to God and my soul I did bare
You reminded me of what You did on the Cross
How you came to redeem man and all who get lost
The question I ask what must I do to not stray
Study Gods Word it’s His commands I must obey
It doesn’t seem easy and simple I know
To turn from temptation and the other way go
Obeying conviction is the struggle I live
Submitting to Christ my struggles I must give
This is a battle I must not fight by myself
This is a battle I need Christ’s help
He is my power He is my strength
So long as I keep Him close not at arms length
In these struggles I’m learning to persevere
With Christ’s help I’m learning to endure
I’m thankful to God He never gives up on me
I’m thankful for Gods love that was won at Calvary

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015


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