This is the finished poem from the previous version of Tear Stained Eyes that was posted.

One foot in front and one foot behind
I’m walking the fence going out of my mind
Limb by limb I climb up a tree
It’s out of the darkness that I try to see
But I’m blinded by pain and blinded by scars
It’s a stronghold that has me locked behind bars
I can’t seem to run and can’t seem to hide
I’ve got a fortress built with walls that are high
You want to get in and I try to get out
I have voices in my head that just scream and shout
I sit in the corner with tear stained eyes
Looking for an outcome that’s forward and wise
I hear a message about Christ that opens my ears
It’s His message of love that’s drawing me near
He draws me in close, He draws me from afar
He gives me hope by healing my scars
He gives me His mercy, He gives His grace
He gives me His strength to run in this race
He called me out of darkness and into the light
He encourages me to stand firm in this fight
By His own Word this war has been won
All because of Jesus, God’s only Son

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 through 2016

  1. Deborah Ann says:

    AMEN and Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus for all You have done for us. For bringing us through the valley and out of the pit and into your amazing, wonderful light. This is so touching Bart . . . I love it. ~ Have a blessed day with Jesus!

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