Lost In Darkness, Saved By The Light

When I’m lost in sin and darkness

Then pain becomes my friend

The lie becomes all too familiar

Then the world becomes my trend

Evil is all around me

It seems the mark of all my sphere

It consumes my every lifestyle

It has a way of drawing me near

That was until Christ came and found me

He came to me when I was lost

He offered me the gift of salvation

By dying upon the cross

Now I’ve been forgiven

All because of Christ’s mercy and grace

My sin is never remembered

Not one single trace

I’ve been called out of darkness

Into God’s amazing light

I endure my trials and struggles

While Christ strengthens me in this fight

The devil comes to destroy

While Christ comes to save

I get my freedom from the Word of God

Then walking in all His ways

Now freedom is a choice

That I live out through each day

I study the Word of God

I submit to Him and pray

Life isn’t always easy

It can be simple in times at best

We learn to persevere in our struggles

As we endure through all the tests

Christ is our freedom

When life throws us a curve

He is always faithful

We can count on Him to not swerve

It’s love that He offers

By dying on that cross

He left the flock to save mankind

So we can be save and not be lost


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