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I’m a child of the One True King

When I think of Jesus I do nothing but sing


It’s in my heart that I praise His Name

Because of His grace He covers my shame


My sin is covered because of His Love

My life isn’t here it’s in heaven above


I’m bought with a price the price of the cross

He came to find me when I was lost


My life isn’t mine it belongs to Him now

I give Him my word for this is my vow


It’s in His ways that I learn to walk

How precious is His Blood even when I balk


I follow Him now I must count the cost

It’s freedom I find when I kneel at the cross


Christ is my refuge in His Word I must hide

He carries my burdens as I walk by His side




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2017


Are you sick and weary and feeling lost

A slave to the grind not counting the cost

Is your aim set high but your head’s hung low

Your eyes they weep not knowing where to go

Is your mind spinning always turning you around

You have smile on your face turned upside down

Are your choices eschewed causing you to doubt

Always going in circles with no way out

At the end of the tunnel you see a light

He’s drawing you close wanting your fight

With arms stretched wide he calls out your name

He wants all your struggles and all your shame

He’ll break your chains and set your heart free

He came to redeem by hanging on a tree

He was scorned and beaten had no deceit

With forgiveness in His heart it’s you He wants to meet

He gives you a choice, while offering you grace

He’ll even give you strength to walk in this race

Give Him your burdens lay them at the cross

It’s salvation He offers for all who’s lost

If the waves are high and you’re lost in a storm

Reach out to Jesus it’s you He’ll transform

Grab His hand and hold on tight

Jesus is the answer all thru this fight

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2017

I open my heart, my burdens I share
You really listen, You really care

I give you my best, I give you my all
You are there to pick me up when I fall

When I get scared and I’m really lost
You are the one there to help me count the cost

Who’ll be my friend, who’ll be my guide
You’ll be the one to never leave my side

Your Word I do read, I try to obey
I try to listen for Your voice everyday

You give me Your love, You me give Your grace
You know I need help to stand firm in this race

Your mercy I have, it’s not without armor I wear
You give me the courage to stand boldly without fear

I can stand in this battle, I can stand in this fight
It’s thru Your strength I stand, I trust in Your might

When I’m down in despair, I reach for Your hand
It’s in You Christ that I stand

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 through 2016

Christ was there in the beginning He is the Word
He came with a message that had to be heard
In the beginning when man was tempted to fall
He is the redemption that came to save all

Christ was born from a virgin walked as a man
From the beginning this was God’s plan
He preached to the crowds healed all that came
He had a heart for the sick even the lame

Christ fed all the people raised the dead
He was sold by a traitor to His death He was led
Christ was beaten and stricken He counted the cost
He came to redeem man He died on the cross

Christ paid the price in full it was paid
He was raised to life and conquered the grave
By the Blood of Christ through the death on the Cross
He is the answer to life for all who are lost

Here is His message we’re called to hear
Repent of your sin to Him draw near
Open your heart and let Jesus come in
He is the answer to forgiveness of sin

If you are carrying burdens go to the cross
By the Blood of Jesus you don’t have to stay lost
If you are looking for answers Christ is the way
All who come to Jesus will never have to stray

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

How do we fulfill the Law of Love

By first loving God above

We then carry the burdens for one another

By this we show love for our brother

We clothe those who are cold

And nurture those who are old

We shelter those who are in the street

And feed all those who need to eat

We give drink to those who thirst

And tend to the needs of others first

We visit those who are in chains

And pray for those who are in pain

We show love for all those in need

We obey Jesus by planting a seed

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and  2012