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I take and take and take

In your skin I make you quake

I pose as the angel of light

With me you’ll do nothing but fight

You will fight to keep me around

As I turn your life upside down

I first come as your friend

Life with me never has to end

I’m your secret that will destroy

I will use you as my toy

They say curiosity killed the cat

You thought that I was phat

My aim was to destroy your life

To take your family and wife

All you have is what I took

I would even take your looks

Your dignity and pride were next

There was nothing I would reject

I caused you nothing but pain

On the just and unjust it will rain

I take and take and take

In your skin I make you shake

You quiver when I’m around

I turned your life upside down

What Am I




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2017


Grace is something
that can not be earned
A relationship with Christ
is one to be yearned
We have been called
from the beginning of time
To walk with the Lord
who is sublime
We are called
to turn away from our sin
Our strength comes from the Lord
His Spirit lives within
His love for the lost
cost Him His life
He hung on the cross
to bring us into the light
As we walk with our Lord
for the rest of our days
We lean on Him
in order to not stray
We are His bride
He calls us His church
He knocks at our door
to quicken our search
As He knocks at your door
will you invite Him to come in
He will offer forgiveness
for all your sin
For the wages of sin
is death, you must know
But as we walk with our Lord
we will continue to grow
If you are living in darkness
you can’t find your way
Respond to His calling
I implore you today
It’s His voice
that you hear speak
Calling you home
when you are weak
His voice is the one
that speaks to your heart
Turn from your old life
to get a new start

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 through 2016

As believers we look for our Lord

To be with Him this is our reward

One day He will come gather His church

Then believers will no longer have to search

The Heavens for our Lord to come

On this certain day it will be sad for some

The Bible says the dead in Christ first rise

To be with the Lord this is their prize

Then next are believers that are alive

To reign with Christ this is why we strive

To be faithful in sharing the Good News

We can’t do this by sitting in our pews

We have to get out to be Christ’s feet and hands

To spread this message all across the land

The message we share is about Gods Love and Grace

How Christ came and died, on the third day was raised

Now Christ is seated in Heaven with God above

Waiting for the day to gather the church He Loves

Until then there is work for us to do

Spread the Gospel Message so the lost will only be few

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012

There was a man who hung on a cross

He therefore died for the lost

The sick He did heal

Before He ate His last meal


As a boy He started to teach

For Gods glory He did reach


His church He will build

Not even satan can steal


So when tempted to sin

Reach up for Jesus to win


You see heaven’s a real place

For all that finish the race


It’s not how fast or slow we run

Run into the Arms of the Son




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012