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I hear voices what do they say

One says love and another says stray

If I love what must I do

Follow Gods heart and forever be true

If I stray where will I go

Down the wrong path, away from my hope


I have sin, it’s deep in my heart

I have Your Spirit, which is where I should start

When sin is my greatest desire

Then trusting the world is my greatest empire

It’s You that gives me direction

Thru Your Spirit I get my correction


Your love covers all my sin

And the battle that rages within

I know it’s you that I alone can trust

Faith in You for me is a must

When You died on Cavalry’s Tree

You rose from the grave to set me free


I know I can trust in Your Word

For it’s the Gospel Message I have heard

Your Blood freed me from the bondage of sin

Now it’s the abundant life that I live in

Lord, You provide hope in this life I live

Now service to You I freely give



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011-2018


My Father is known for His grace

This is a gift that I must embrace

As I learn to walk with God

One by one He heals me of my flaws

I’ve been called to live by His ways

Staying in His Word helps me not to stray

I submit to Him all my life

This helps not to act out in strife

Christ is my Lord He is my King

I know I can trust Him in everything

He prunes and trims me so I grow

I read His Word so it I will know

I’m a follower of the most High

He set me free so no longer will I die

I follow His ways I follow His Word

It’s the Gospel Message that I have heard

He calls me His child He calls me friend

This message of grace will free you from sin



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 through 2016

On the Cross Christ took my place
He died for me so I could run this race
His blood was shed to set me free
From sin and death this is what I believe
It’s in His Word I believe is true
He’s calling out to you know who
So don’t delay to respond
It is you He’s calling on
It is grace He alone provides
His mercy says you don’t have to die
All alone and apart from God
Who alone knows your every flaw
Here’s the message I hope you hear
I hope it comes across loud and clear
Upon that Cross Christ took your place
He died for you to give you grace
His blood was shed to set you free
From sin and death so
forever with Him you will be

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 through 2016

There’s a war going on
For man’s heart and soul
A devised evil plan
For it is satans goal
Once man was tempted
His nature then was flawed
He found himself naked
Then tried to hide from God
Now pride began the fall
It was a devised evil plan
It started with the serpent
Then he passed it on to man
The serpent tempted Eve
To eat from the tree of life
She passed it on to man
Then Adam blamed his wife
They had to leave the garden
To work the land to live
They had to raise the lambs
A sacrifice to give
Now God sent His Son
A message He must give
Repent from our sin
A new life we will live
As we turn from our sin
We learn to walk with God
It’s our own evil ways
That cause us to be flawed
Now Christ shed His Blood
To save you and me
He saved us from our death
By dying on a tree
Redemption came at a price
From the beginning of the fall
It was Gods Holy plan
For Christ paid it all

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015


The Bible says, Christ  we must imitate

To do this, His character we must emulate

We strive to live the way Christ walked

In obedience to Gods commands we do

more than talk


We strive to be doers of the Word

Being prepared to share the message

we have heard

Christ’s humility is we the way we are

to live

Always being prepared to share the

love that He gives


Christ’s love, it does not come with

a cost

But how can I not share it with the lost

I share it with the person the Lord brings

close to me

The same love that He shared when He

hung on that tree


Christ’s walk we strive and we learn

His grace and mercy, we can never earn

So how do we learn to imitate our Lord

The answers are in the Bible also known

as the Sword

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012