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I thought that I was the power

So I built a high tower

I wanted to reach the stars

But left only scars

Then I built walls that were high

Over my head that touched the sky

Reinforced with mortar and brick

So no one can see how I tick

They were made to keep you at bay

At league to keep you away

The higher that I would climb

To seek pleasures sublime

I thought that I was doing well

But I was on the road to hell

Little did I know

There was a different way to go

The Lord stopped me in my tracks

Now I know there’s no turning back

It was His Goodness that I taste

Unmerited favor and His Grace

He washed me with His Blood

Clean me from all the mud

My life is what I give

To serve Him is how I live

His commands I try to obey

His Word is where I should stay

I am free to live at last

I’ve been freed from my past

I’ve been washed by His Blood

Freed only by His Love




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2017


Discipline is not a topic we want to talk about

We will talk about love or go another route


Discipline takes faith and courage not to run away

To not run from consequences of not walking in God’s ways


Discipline can come from consequences of sin

Or a troubled mess we find ourselves in


Discipline is a way for God to humble the proud

To be disciplined, I’d rather be wrapped in a shroud


Discipline is not bad when we reach the other side

Discipline helps us to trust God, In Him we abide



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012

Life’s hills always rolling up then down

Can’t stop the roll so I plant my feet on solid ground

Can’t concentrate I’m all choked up inside

Take a deep breath, I know He’s at my side

To full of fear I can’t stand firm in this fight

Surrender to my Lord I put my trust in His mite

Keep falling down not my bones that break and bruise

It’s my pride God wants for me to lose

Christs’ humility is not my strongest strength

Keep in prayer to no longer keep Him at arm’s length

At the water’s edge I feel as though I may drown

I put my faith in Christ, He is my Solid Ground

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012