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God Knew

God spoke everything to it’s place
Yet no one can see His face
From the dust He created man
Then came evil to try to destroy His plan
This was sin’s first debut
All because man ate forbidden fruit
The fruit came from the tree of life
Before man ate, evil tempted wife
This is where man chose to be flawed
He believed the serpent who desired to be god
God knew this in advance
He knew that man would not take a stance

This is the truth of our God’s plan
He sent down Jesus as a man
He provides redeeming grace
For those who all have faith
His message has to be heard
He wants man to obey His Word
Grace comes through faith
For all who want to run this race
And if you finish well
You’ll be the one who won’t be in hell
So heaven is the place for me
All because Jesus set me free