Hi!  My name is Bart but my friends call me Bubba.  I am a born again Christian since 1980 that turned away from God for many years. The reasons I turned away from God was because childhood trauma and abuse and I had no understanding of Gods purpose for my life. Basically I blamed God for the abuse and decided that I could do a better job with my life than Him. I also believe. that at that time God lifted His protection from me and let me make a lifetime of bad choices. Such as a 25 year plus addiction to drugs, prospected for a short time for an outlaw motorcycle club, and believed most of my life that I had committed what the Bible calls the unpardonable sin ( blasphemy of the Spirit) and could never find my way into Gods Loving Grace. I believe out of desperation and no where to turn,  I finally prayed a prayer asking for God to show Himself to me in a way that I could not mistake Him for anyone but God. AND HE DID!  I have returned now stronger in faith than ever. I have been healed of my drug addiction and been redeemed by Christs saving grace, The faith I have doesn’t come from me it comes from Christs Spirit who lives in me.

All my poetry I believe reflects what God has done and is doing in my life today.  My purpose for this blog is to share these things that God has done for me in hopes that it will show others that there is still hope.   Please feel free to share my poetry with anyone who may need a word of encouragement.  If you’d like to share my work in any form, you must contact me first by making a comment to this About page. I will then contact you and we can have a discussion.

Thank you and God Bless!

  1. Poetry and writing in general are wonderful ways to express our emotions – I absolutely enjoy sitting down to write and reflect on the goodness of God. It’s clear you do as well. Thank you so much Bart for visiting us and liking us. We love and pray for all our followers. I pray you continue to write and that you be blessed in your life and poetry.

    Thank you and God Bless,
    Rebecca 🙂

  2. Bart send me email PLEASE I have lost your # and I can’t find your email addy either…I am so trying to get this office organized but the computer keeps saying take a break write a bit and time gets away LOL

  3. You have quite a testimony. I’m looking forward to reading more…Jesus saved me from a 20 year Eating disorder addiction, childhood trauma that came crashing through my psyche 7 years ago. His love and power are SO real. Glad I found you.

    • adopted80 says:

      Lori, you have quite a testimony yourself. I too sufered from childhood trauma and wrote a poem The Father I seek, and you right about God He is SO REAL, and is delivering from that as well. I am Blessed that you found my site and some way it has touched you, but I’m more Blessed by your testimony to our God. Thank you for the kind words , it is awesome to see how God works in our lives.

      God Bless You

      • Thank you, Bart. I will search your blog later today and find your poem ‘The father I seek’. I’m already in tears just thinking about it.

        One of the biggest and most surprising blessings from God in recovery is connecting with others like you who shared my hidden pain and are now committed to helping free others. He not only heals us, but He puts us with other kindred spirits who have the same passion about freedom. We become co-workers in the fight for other trapped souls.

        I know your heart breaks along with mine over the damage that is still being done to children. The full circle experience with Jesus is found in giving back to the community of people are suffering the way we did. Pure joy in that redemption, wouldn’t you agree? And such an incredibly healing honor. 🙂

      • adopted80 says:

        Lori it is an honor and my heart does break and I do agree whole heartedly. Thank you for writting back. Should you like to encourage me or if there is any way I can encourage or pray for you , you can write to me at my email address. adopted80@gmail.com

        God Bless
        In Christ


      • adopted80 says:


      • Thanks, Bart. Yes, I’m sure we will have a lot to say to each other. 🙂 Take care and please keep writing.

      • adopted80 says:

        And again thank you Lori!

  4. Bart, thank you for stopping and liking yesterday’s post. You have an incredible story and I look forward to following it as it continues to evolve. The beauty of life is that, even when we turn away, God doesn’t.

    Take care,


  5. Kim says:

    Hi Bart…thanks for visiting “Unwalled”…..glad that my post “All Glory Be to Christ” was a blessing to you. Praise God for the testimony of God’s love, grace and power manifested in your life!….He is so forgiving, gracious and faithful to us all. Continue to be strong in Him and in the power of His might. May God bless you and your writings!……Kim

    • adopted80 says:

      Kim , thakn you for stopping by, it’s an honor and pleasure to be able to serve God and share my gift in poetry to you and others. Thank you for your support.

      In Christ

  6. Yahobahne says:

    Hallelujah, awesome! Praise the Lord!

  7. ptl2010 says:

    adopted80 thank you for visiting ChristianBlessings. I have read your testimony and praise God He has begun in your life. You say it all so simply in the minimum of words which would speak so simply to those in third world countries. Would you like to join us at ChristianBlessings to tell those who need to know about Jesus?


  8. Bryan Stoudt says:

    Thanks so much for checking out my blog, and, for your honesty in your posts. We need more people who will let others into the brokenness of their lives, but also, into God’s even greater goodness. Many blessings to you and all that you do for Him!

    • adopted80 says:

      Brian, thank you for checking out Gods blog spot poems4him. I hope you’re encouraged with what you find to read here. I am am also encouraged and hopeful that you will again turn to poems4him for encouraging inspiration source of reading material. God Bless


  9. Equipping The Saints says:

    Thank you for following my blog, I am now following yours. Please have a blessed day.
    Pastor/Equipping The Saints

  10. Thank you for using your past hurt and strong faith to help so many people with this wonderful blog!

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