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Jesus Paid It All

Posted: March 25, 2019 in Poems about God

Jesus paid it all

To Him I give my life

He freed me with His call

Now I join Him in His fight


My debt of sin’s been paid

I can live life brand new

The war on sin’s been waged

He did this all for you


I’m called to firmly stand

When life has a grip on me

Your Word is my command

By Your blood I’ve been set free


These trials I must endure

I find my rest in You

Jesus You are my cure

When life seems all so blue


I believe Your Word is true

It stood the test of time

I want to live like you

Now that I no longer live in crime


I’m no longer living lost

Because You died and took my place

You hung up on the cross

So I can run this very race


You truly are my God

I stand in awe of You

Even though I’m flawed

I embrace your Holy Truth


I want to be like You

By obeying Your commands

You are faithful and so true

It’s in You presence I can firmly stand

Copyright by Bart Hickey 2019


Broken Pieces

Posted: March 21, 2019 in Poems about God

Broken Pieces


I see broken pieces

All crashing down

Lying there scattered

On the ground


I’m wounded in battle

Weak in my faith

As I stand

The ground gives way


I keep falling and falling

Into the deep

My mind gives way

To the thoughts that just creep


There is no control

With these evil desires

My mind gives in

To what they require


I’m sick to my stomach

I have no control

Like broken pieces

I no longer feel whole


I cry and I cry

Then I hear a soft voice

He says, reach out your hand

Make a new choice


He say, here I am now

Your salvation draws near

I see my dear Savior

My choice becomes clear


I’m tasting Gods goodness

I will never turn back

Even though satan

Continues to attack


I’m walking with Jesus

I walk in His ways

He started a fire

That will blaze and just blaze


I still have my struggles

I feel weak at times

I’m no longer in darkness

I have peace in my mind


Life’s been a battle

The struggle is real

But I’m thankful to Jesus

My spirits been sealed


Copy write by Bart Hickey 2019




I feel tied down

All bound in chains

When it pours

The cloud sends rain

My faith feels weak

During this test

Help me Lord

In You to rest

Lord, where is my faith

As I cry out to You

You are my God

You’ll carry me thru

In You there is hope

The tides will turn

I find hope in you

So my heart will no longer burn

Lord, give me rest

In troubled times

As I sit here

I write these rhymes

Lord, You know my heart

It belongs to You

You Are my God

When all seems blue

My spirit seems weary

I feel so lost

I ask myself

Have I counted all the cost

Lord, You are my refuge

When I feel like giving up

Help me remember

You fill my cup

I owe all to You

You paid it all

Help me walk

Boldly in this call

Copywrite Bart Hickey 2019

Behind A Chain Brick Wall

Posted: February 20, 2019 in Poems about God

It seems I’m living behind a chain brick wall

When life gets hard I do nothing but squall 

I soon become deaf, can’t hear a thing

I’m living in fear with two broken wings

I feel beat down, can’t get up off my knees

So I crawl in the dirt, blind and can’t see

This is how satan wants me to live

Beaten and broke down, nothing to give

I cry out to God, I reach up for His hand

He directs me to the path that leads to the promise land

While on the ground I begin to pray

I ask this mighty Lord to help me walk in His ways

He offers forgiveness as I simply confess

I believe in HIs name, He heals my brokenness

He restores my heart, He renews my soul

On the path of righteousness is the only way to go

I’m walking with Jesus, I walk in His ways

I trust His Truth will never lead me astray 

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018

Today was hopeless

I knew that I was lost

I needed a Savior

The one that hung on the cross


It was on that tree

That I first saw Your grace

It was Your power, Your mercy

That let me enter this race


I will trust You and trust You

You will help me persevere

When times get tough

You will draw me near


It’s You love, yes Your love

That forgives all my sin

With arms stretched wide

Your Spirit lives with


Now I have hope

Because Your grace covers me

I’m thankful to God

That You died upon that tree


It was the grave

That couldn’t hold you down

When I feel weak

You put me on solid ground


It was Your love

That found me when I was lost

Now I’m have a home

Because You died upon that cross




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018

Heaven’s My Home


My chains are heavy

They weigh me down

I can’t pick my feet up

From off the ground


I am in a prison

Behind steal bars

My heart is broken

All full of scars


This is a prison

In my mind

I found this out

For the very first time


During a time

When I was lost

When I was searching

I then found the cross


I heard the gospel

I heard it real clear

I heard Christ’ voice

He drew me in near


He changed my heart

From the inside out

He removed my fears

He cast my doubt


I now bring my burdens

To the foot of the cross

So no longer will I stumble

Or ever be lost


I now have security

I am an heir to the throne

I’ll never get lost

Because Heaven’s My Home

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018

He Called Me By Name

From out of the dark into the light

No longer in fear no longer my plight

I once lived with no hope cover in scars

Locked in a prison chained behind bars

The prison was mostly in my own mind

Out of control the gears started to grind

Billowing smoke from out of my own ears

Grinding and grinding, grinding all the gears

This prison I hosted started with lies

They came from the devil all in disguise

One little lie then two then three

Running amuck chasing after me

I ran, and I ran then I ran to the cross

I found my Savior there He knew I was lost

He extended His hand then called me by name

He taught me how to walk I was no longer lame

I started believing Truth not the old lies

I started believing Jesus not the devil in disguise

The more I believed Jesus the more I found solid ground

The devil can huff and puff, but he can’t blow my house down

I am standing on the promises of my loving God

Who’s love forgives sin and all of my flaws

I gave my life to Jesus, it’s Jesus I serve

Living for Jesus is how I won’t swerve

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018