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Have You Ever Been There

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Have you ever been there

Where you had not one thought

You sit with a blank stare

And try real hard to think

But all you can do is glare


Have you ever been there

Where your mind is blank

You look is without a care

And you can’t concentrate

So you just sit and stare


Have you ever been there

Where you try to read

But your eyes just flare

And all you can do

Is just sit and stare

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012


Pick a sin pick which one

Does grace give way for us to

Continue to sin against the Son


No it doesn’t not at all

Grace gives way on our face

At the foot of the Cross we fall


Why must we start at the Cross

It is where Christ died

So grace can be given to the lost

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012

I do not exactly know if this title will fit this story or not, but when I sat down to write I found myself saying Mercy and Grace. To be honest I find myself saying it more and more. Especially in this time of helping Johnny and his family. And another factor why I say it is I believe in my heart that we as followers of Christ we are to extend the same measure of mercy and grace Christ extends to us to our fellow man or woman. I know we are human and Christ is God, but we are still supposed to do our best. Boy do I fall short and I think in my mind, if I say Mercy and Grace to myself over and over again especially when a situation arises that needs it, that I will get better at extending mercy and grace. You can call it power of Christ thinking if you will.

Walt my best friend and the best man at my wedding, before my wedding when I would I would get anxious told me to say ponies and beer, and me not knowing his humor started hearing from people why is Bart saying ponies and beer so much. Well Walt approached me and suggested on my wedding day that I change my phrase to mercy and grace, so I did. I guess ponies and beer would be good for a person at a hose track, but for a Christian at my wedding mercy and grace be more appropriate. It was all done in good humor though.

With Johnny, Martha and three teenage kids I do finding myself saying it more. I even find myself saying it in situation with my father in law who lives with us. I have even been encouraging Mary my wife and Joe her dad with it (mercy and grace), Having nine(9) people in one house, under one roof, that conflicts arise, And I left out my own daughter , that makes 9 people. But situations happen, conflicts arise, personalities clash, someone says the wrong thing or says nothing that causes conflicts, we can go on and on in why I find myself saying mercy and grace. But here’s a thought or question that I personally don’t have an answer for; we have all these situations like that I have mentioned that need mercy and grace and they all seem to be negative or if you will in crisis, Is there ever a reason or cause to extend mercy and grace in a positive situation.  For me personally I find myself extending mercy and grace most only when I’m in a tough situation of a place of ill comfort.

I apologize that I do not have scripture. This was a reoccurring thought that I was having while sitting, drinking coffee and reflecting over the past month or so. Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments are welcome.


© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012

You walk around on eggshells
Not knowing what to say or do
You try to avoid conversations
Wishing that you had a clue

Have you ever been so angry
That you’re busting at the seams
Your body gets all tensed up
Your head just wants to scream

You choke down your words
To keep from causing a fight
You have to suddenly walk away
So in a fit of rage you won’t ignite

You ask yourself what’s the problem
As if you really want to know
Does it even involve you
So you try to not put on a show

You ask is it all in my head
Or does it even really matter
Did I make it all up
Or just voices causing chatter

So how do I not walk on eggshells
Or in anger not to react
Seek Gods strength in prayer
He will help me fight the attack

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012