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A Mountain Called Calvary


We know Jesus came from heaven for we’ll see Him face to face

It is His power that he gives us to run this very race


It’s all because of mercy, His grace He freely gives

It’s only thru the cross we learn how to live


His commands are a guiding force for us to obey

It is His path we walk and learn to not stray


His Truth is what frees us from our death and sin

His Spirit is who draws us then comes to live within


His grace He freely offers for all who want to partake

It is chains of unforgiveness that He wants to break


It’s our heart He wants to change from the inside out

It’s our faith wants to increase so we never have to doubt


Jesus is our teacher for He wants us to learn

That grace is a gift that we can never earn


Jesus paid the ransom by hanging on the tree

He hung on the mountain called Calvary




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011-2018




When frustration is bursting though my veins

My minds on fire like a fresh wrecked train

There is steam a blowing out my ears

It’s pouring out because I can hardly hear

There are too many voices stacked in a crowd

There are people in my head who’s voices are loud

Chaos is happening all over the place

One foot at a time I’m sinking in this race

So I drop to me knees and ask my Lord what to do

I can’t do this on my own so I must put my trust in You

I ask You in my prayer to help me discern

Which way I must go for I know I must turn

It’s Your voice that I desire to hear

Not from satan whispering in my ear

The choices that I made led me down a deadly path

Thankful to Your grace I don’t have to see Your wrath

The sin in my life had me separated from my God

Because Christ’s righteousness You never see my flaws

I have choices today because of what Christ did on the cross

I live my life for Him, not live like I’m lost



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 through 2016

1 PETER 3:15
But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those that speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander.

As a believer in Jesus Christ, one never has the foreknowledge of when God places them in a situation to where this verse is going to be fulfilled in there life. I think in my mind that’s why it says to always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. I personally am a member of a program called Celebrate Recovery and have within CR given my testimony at a few different meetings and it’s always a blessing to be able to do so. But my pastor and ministry leader believe as do I that a believer should have their testimony in 3 different, lets say versions. One written out to give as a 15-20 minute testimony at a meeting or church, a 2nd one a shorter version that is a “rated G” version to give to older kids and teens, and 3rd a 3-5 minute version to give maybe to someone one on a trip or air plane. I also happen to wear my one and only CR T-Shirt quite frequently which I believe puts me in the position to be asked about CR and what it is all about quite often. I can honestly say that I’ve never had the pleasure of giving a 3-5 minute version of my testimony until yesterday when at the Emergency Room with my youngest daughter and wife. My daughter was in the back being seen for what we thought was strep throat and I was in the waiting room drinking coffee watching the news, with my CR t-shirt on. I can say it was mid morning and the ER wasn’t full, however there were a good amount of people waiting and in and out when this older gentleman came from around the corner, saying hello and greeting people. Judging from the ID Badge on his shirt I figured he worked for the hospital. It wasn’t until the end of my conversation with this man that I found out he was a chaplain. When he saw me he boasted of how he loved the program of Celebrate Recovery and how it changes peoples lives. Now mind you this man does not speak quietly at all and as we were talking I noticed people looking our direction and to be honest I wasn’t exactly whispering. It was a small waiting room and we were vocal enough you knew what we were talking about. All of a sudden the chaplain says let me hear it, give me that 3-5 minute version of your testimony. I did not have any time to rationally think about what I was going to say and if you look at me with all my tattoos (full sleeves, and on fingers and hands) you could guess what my life could have been like. So I started out that CR is a Christ Centered Recovery Program not just for people with drug or/and alcohol issues. CR is a program for people with life issues, that suffer from any of life’s hurts, habits, and hang ups such as grief, codependency, abuse of many forms, sexual integrity issues, anger, food issues the list is endless. I was honest and I told him how I lived most of my life as a drug addict slash drug dealer, that I had prospected at one time for an outlaw motorcycle club, that after the Marine Corps and medical assistant school I chose to live most of my life outside the law, and that in 2005 through my girlfriend loosing custody of her youngest son to her ex-husband God started making attempts at getting my attention. Through that experience I thought that my girlfriend needed spiritual guidance that I couldn’t provide for her then one day she told me that she was good with her relationship with Christ and that God was looking for me not her. Then in 2009 I submitted my life to Christ, rededicated my life to Christ and was baptized. I then started living the new creation that God had purposed me to live, and how God had led me to CR where I was freed by Christ from the addiction to drugs, and how my life has now been a testimony in how through the 12 steps. I have learned that there are other areas of my life that I need to work on and how God has transformed me from the inside out and that I’m a work in progress.
I said all that in around 5 minutes, but mostly I got to talk about how Jesus changed an old hardened, angry, bitter heart to a loving, kind, gentle heart for Him. My heart belongs to Jesus and He didn’t give me my life back, I don’t want to go back. Jesus gave me a new life, even in the struggles He gives me a life that I want to live, that I look forward to living. With Jesus and Celebrate Recovery I get the opportunity to serve God in my church, my community and in Celebrate Recovery. Hopefully what I got to do in sharing that 5 minute testimony was plant a seed in someone’s mind and heart that there is a place where people can find healing from life’s hurts, habits, and hang ups of all sorts. And I hope for you the reader if you need healing seek Christ and His power. Find someone you can talk to who knows Christ and can help lead you to a relationship with Christ so you can find freedom from life’s hurts, habits and hang ups.


© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014


I get frustrated, I get tied up in knots
It’s Gods grace that helps me out a lot
When in trouble I feel like I can’t breath
I act on faith in Christ and just believe

I just believe, I just believe
I just believe, I just believe
It’s in Christ I just believe

When I struggle I get turned all around
I believe in Christ He is my solid ground
When I’m blind and I just can not see
I know it’s You Christ that carries me

You carry me, You carry me
You carry me, You carry me
It’s you Christ who carries me

When I’m down, it’s you that picks me up
I know it’s You Christ that fills my cup
When I’m alone and I’m so scared
It’s you Christ who is always there

Your always there, Your always there
Your always there, Your always there
I know it’s you Christ who is always there
You never leave me scared

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

Are you alone or set apart
Do you sit and stare with an empty heart
Have you been betrayed by an old friend
That tells you lies and that you have to blend
Do you blend with the world and God
Do these lies tell you that you’re flawed
Does this old friend steal your joy
And treat you like a broken toy
So here’s how to be set apart
Just ask Jesus to come into your heart
Then start reading the Word of God
One day you’ll find that you’re awed
Then start obeying Gods commands
He alone will teach you how to firmly stand
It is Jesus we learn to imitate
It’s your heart He renovates
Don’t forget to confess your sin
Convicted by Gods Spirit who lives within
No longer think you’re flawed
Because now you’re a child of God

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012 and 2013

‘Twas the star filled night in the early morn
In a manger in Bethlehem our Savior is born
He was conceived by Gods Spirit born in the flesh
Came to this earth to redeem man from lasting death
Guided by the Star three wise men they traveled
Bringing gifts to this King whose stable was His castle
He was born as a baby, He is Gods gift to mankind
He came with a message and His purpose was designed
Hand picked by the Savior twelve men were sought
To walk daily with Jesus so they may be taught
The message was clear, there was no room for doubt
Jesus is the Savior, He’s the only way out
He was rejected and denied and found without sin
But sentenced to death on a cross before men
While on the cross He thought not of Himself
He bore all the sins of everyone else
After three days He arose from the grave
To secure a new life for all who are saved

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012 and 2013

The Lord, He suffered for all
With that He sent out a great call
When He knocks what is my response
To seek His will, that is all I want

It is my desire to let Him come in
Change my heart so less I do sin
Now that Christ lives in my heart
It’s His death that gave me a new start

His Spirit is who convicts me of sin
With a repentant heart each day I begin
Confessing then His forgiveness I now ask
Breaks the bondage, step away from the mask

Step into service, for this is my prayer
Serving God for me helps remove the layers
I’m obligated to Christ because of the freedom He gives
I’m devoted to Christ because His grace allows me to live

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012 and 2013