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Thank You Jesus

My mind keeps spinning, round and round

I hear a voice but not a sound

I’m broken, beaten, black and blue

My scars and shining, they’re breaking thru

I try to hide and push them down

But up they come, like breaking ground


I’m falling, falling, can’t get up

My mind is scattered, like a broken cup

I get twisted, twisted in a knot

My temper rises, like a boiling pot

Add water to the boiling pot

Sizzle, sizzle, it’ll never stop


I’m deaf and blind, don’t know what to do

I lost my way, got stuck like glue

My mind’s still spinning, round and round

I’m sinking, sinking, like I’m gonna drown

On this journey, I seemed to be lost

But thank You Jesus, I see the cross


Thank You Jesus, I see Your way

You are my Savior, You saved the day

You came to me, when I lost my way

You guided me, so I wouldn’t stray

You picked me up, when I was falling down

You set me back up on solid ground


Now I’m walking, walking, running this race

Thank You Jesus, You provided me grace

Because of Your mercy, I’ll never die

I love You Jesus, I’ll do more than try

It’s because Your love, You died for me

In my place at Calvary



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018


On the hill at Calvary

You died upon that cursed tree

I hid my life in shame and fear

I trust the One who draws me near

I cast my anxiety on the cross

You died for me when I was lost

My soul is free I will not die

I trust my Lord and not the lie

It’s when I put my trust in You

I know that You will carry me thru

From the beginning to the end

I’ll have Your Spirit that You did send

Your Spirit lives with-in my heart

Every day with You I start

You died upon that cursed tree

You died alone to set me free

I’ve been set free from guilt and sin

Never to go back again

It’s when I put my faith in You

You keep me awed in all You do

I bring my burdens to the cross

It’s in You I never get lost

My forgiveness come from faith in You

Grace thru faith is Your Truth

On the hill at Calvary

You died and rose, that’s what set me free

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018

It was on a hill that You died for me

A blessed place called Calvary

I remember how I was blind and lost

You never fretted at the cost

You called me out of sin and shame

It was from Your voice I heard my name

I was broken, beaten, black and blue

What a day to be called by You

What a day, a glorious day

I’m free at last, to walk Your way

I obey Your Word, I obey Your voice

You calm my mind caused by noise

I have voices living in my head

You cast them out, now their dead

It was out of hell that I’ve been called

You broke my chains, You, crashed my walls

From out of the darkness, into the light

My trust is in You thru this fight

You are my strength in this war

It was my sin that You bore

I’ve been made new, the old is done

I’m living in victory cause the war’s been won

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018



When her love seems so far away

I remember who gave me this day

I know she doesn’t belong to me

It’s Your love that sets me free

How can You do this to her and me

Why do I have to think so selfishly

Why do you have to put her thru this pain

What’s the loss and what’s the gain

Is there a risk that we have to take

You know it’s fear that makes me shake

I try to put my trust in You

But I get depressed and it makes me blue

I try to show that I’m so tough

But my strength goes up with a puff

There are times she’s my inspiration

And there are times I’m lost in depression

When depressed I want to weep

Then at night I cry myself to sleep

It’s a fear that You’ll take her home

Then I’ll be lost and all alone

I never dreamt this will happen to my love

But I know Your Sovereign and seated above

It’s to You I’m crying out

I’m trusting You but help me where I doubt

You love her more than I ever could

But I’m learning to love her like I should

What are we to learn, how are we to live

What’s the message that we’re supposed to give

You have Your will, and nothing will thwart Your plan

Help me to be grounded in You and firmly stand

These are the questions that run thru my head

Please give us peace so fear will not be our dread

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018

Heaven’s My Home


My chains are heavy

They weigh me down

I can’t pick my feet up

From off the ground


I am in a prison

Behind steal bars

My heart is broken

All full of scars


This is a prison

In my mind

I found this out

For the very first time


During a time

When I was lost

When I was searching

I then found the cross


I heard the gospel

I heard it real clear

I heard Christ’ voice

He drew me in near


He changed my heart

From the inside out

He removed my fears

He cast my doubt


I now bring my burdens

To the foot of the cross

So no longer will I stumble

Or ever be lost


I now have security

I am an heir to the throne

I’ll never get lost

Because Heaven’s My Home

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018

Seasons come, Seasons go

The battle rages for your soul

It’s your faith that stands the test

Lean to God, He’ll give you rest

The devil tells you only lies

As your soul, to take, he tries

A believer’s soul he cannot take

In your boots, he wants you to shake

To live in fear is his aim

To believe the lie is his game

But thankful for a loving God

Who loves you even tho you’re flawed

It was on the tree He paid the price

It was His life He sacrificed

He cleansed you when you’re dead in sin

Then sent His Spirit to live within

His Spirit is now your guide

He forgives your sin deep and wide

Thankful to a loving God

That died to free you from your flaws

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018

Freedom In Christ


Born as a babe

a Savior is come

To a lost world

where sin they succumb

He came as a Savior

He came as a King

A message to the broken

is what He did bring

He raised the dead

the sick He healed

With a message for hearts

His Word is revealed

He called them out of darkness

in sin they were lost

He obeyed His Father

all the way to the cross

He was beaten and bullied

He was nailed to the tree

He completed Gods plan

by dying for you and me

Redemption was planned

since before the fall

To those that believe

their life has a call

In Jesus we believe

that He conquered the grave

Death couldn’t hold Him

in three days He was raised

Salvation He offers

forgiveness He gives

Freedom in Christ

is how we now life

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018