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Seducing My Soul

I hear you calling when no one’s around
You’re easy to find one click and you’re found
This is my little secret no one will ever know
I’ll clean my computer the history will never show
If anyone finds out there’s so much at stake
But you whisper sweet nothings that make my skin quake
I feel so guilty when I open your site
The temptation’s so strong I’m weak in this fight
You’re so seductive I can hardly say no
I’m so ashamed but I don’t want you to go
You’re constantly whispering come check me out
Dividing my marriage causing me doubt
Hurting my family you haven’t a care
I cry out to God my soul I must bare
Lord please help me the temptation’s too strong
Be my strength so my choices aren’t wrong
Change my heart so I walk in Your Ways
Be my guide to help me not stray
The Lord’s my strength to persevere in this fight
He convicts my heart to make choices that are right

If you are in bondage and chains to any sexual sin or need help with any hurt, habit or hang up you can contact Celebrate Recovery a Christ centered recovery program at

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Voices In My Ear

It’s yet early in the morning and I’m wide awake
If I make the wrong choices my integrity’s at stake
As I sit at my computer I ponder with what to write
I hear a voice whispering come and look at my site
No one will know what do I have to loose
This voice keeps whispering let me help you choose
Everyone’s asleep now no one will know
I forget about the history that my computer will show
It will be my little secret who is it going to hurt
The voice keeps whispering come and look at this dirt
This voice keeps whispering come and take a peek
It’s pleasure that we’re after as we play hide and seek
I hear a softer voice whispering in my ear
Open up My Word it’s Me that you draw near
I now have two choices which one will I choose
If I make the wrong choice it’s more than integrity that I loose
Porn is an addiction and it’s very real
It’s more than joy that satan comes to steal
There’s a slew of problems that porn can start
Separation with God and a broken heart
Porn causes more problems not to mention shame
But we can have true victory in Jesus’ name

I bear my soul and a true struggle that I have with you, in hopes that if there are any of you men or women that struggle with pornography that there is hope, healing and restoration through the Cross, the Blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The hope that I have I found I found through a program called Celebrate Recovery. CR is tool that God uses to lead the broken to victory through Jesus Christ.

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

A Quarter Till Three

As I sit and think over coffee or over tea
It’s early in the morning a quarter till three
I ask God to help me with what to say
With words that encourage that will last through the day
I have to be reminded that it’s not about me
It’s about my Savior who hung on a tree
He extends grace that no man can provide
This is a message that I should not hide
God came to earth to walk as a man
He came to redeem us this was his plan
He committed no sin they said He must die
Unless you read His Word you’ll wonder why
He died on a cross and rose on the third day
To give us all life who follow His way
It is our sin that we must confess
His forgiveness is what we possess
Confess with you mouth believe in your heart
That Jesus Lord and you’ll have a new start
On the third day Jesus was raised
When you believe this you will be saved
He ascended to heaven to prepare for us a home
But before he left He didn’t leave us alone
His Spirit He left to be our guide
It is His Word we learn to abide
This is the good news that we must share
Please pass it along this is my prayer

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

What did I do how did I get lost
Where did I go wrong did I not count the cost
How did I fall and start slipping away
I took a second look and started to stray
I let temptation creep into my life
I let my own desires start causing me strife
Instead of reading Gods Word I looked at another book
I’d glance at my Bible but wouldn’t give it a second look
This started to put distance between me and my God
I wondered about the problem that caused me to be flawed
Instead of obeying conviction I turned the other way
I couldn’t fight this addiction that was causing me to stray
All of a sudden and completely unaware
I cried out to God and my soul I did bare
You reminded me of what You did on the Cross
How you came to redeem man and all who get lost
The question I ask what must I do to not stray
Study Gods Word it’s His commands I must obey
It doesn’t seem easy and simple I know
To turn from temptation and the other way go
Obeying conviction is the struggle I live
Submitting to Christ my struggles I must give
This is a battle I must not fight by myself
This is a battle I need Christ’s help
He is my power He is my strength
So long as I keep Him close not at arms length
In these struggles I’m learning to persevere
With Christ’s help I’m learning to endure
I’m thankful to God He never gives up on me
I’m thankful for Gods love that was won at Calvary

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

In a fog I don’t know where to turn
Like butter my mind churns
Fields are growing like a weed
Making choices like I’m a bad seed
Living life with some regrets
Being told it’s all a mind set
My growth is stale as old bread
This causes an ache in my head
It’s my heart that should ache
When it’s Gods heart that I break
I’m being told to turn the other cheek
But this makes me look I’m weak
Why should I care what people think
It causes anxiety now I’m on the brink
Now on the brink what should I do
Start reaching out and call for You
I should have done this in the first place
But somewhere I got lost in this race
I got caught up in sin and tried to juggle
I got lost and started to struggle
But here You are You rescued me
It all came about when You hung on that tree
You all alone provided grace
You even provide strength to run this race
You humbled yourself and walked as a man
To redeem all of us this is your plan
This brings me to tears it brings me great joy
That I belong to you and I’m not satans toy
What is the lesson what can I learn
That grace come from Jesus and can never be earned

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015