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When you find yourself in a bind
Without a choice and left behind
You look around you don’t know what to do
You want to run but you’re stuck like glue
You’re without a plan you don’t know where to go
Your aim is high but your confidence is low
Still without a choice and no way out
You pull out your hair, scream and shout
You lift up your hands high in the air
Then drop to your knees low in despair
You’re full or tears running down your cheeks
You’ve been stuck in this place, for it seems like weeks
You have no place to run so you just want to hide
You are full of emotions and they all seem to collide
Then you hear the gospel and it warms your heart
For the first time in your life you have a place to start
You open your heart and let Christ come in
He offers salvation and freedom from sin
You confess your sin and He breaks your chains
He is your life’s blood that runs through your veins
As you change, you grow and you mature
He does a miracle in your heart your motives become pure
You can’t keep this a secret you must go and tell
You have to share the gospel so others can be spared from hell

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015


God Knew

God spoke everything to it’s place
Yet no one can see His face
From the dust He created man
Then came evil to try to destroy His plan
This was sin’s first debut
All because man ate forbidden fruit
The fruit came from the tree of life
Before man ate, evil tempted wife
This is where man chose to be flawed
He believed the serpent who desired to be god
God knew this in advance
He knew that man would not take a stance

This is the truth of our God’s plan
He sent down Jesus as a man
He provides redeeming grace
For those who all have faith
His message has to be heard
He wants man to obey His Word
Grace comes through faith
For all who want to run this race
And if you finish well
You’ll be the one who won’t be in hell
So heaven is the place for me
All because Jesus set me free

So the devil knows his fate

For your soul he just waits

Just waiting for you to fall

Hoping for the Lord you won’t call


He just waits to steal your heart

So he can rip your life apart

Causing you to stumble and sin

To shred your life from within


I have to let you know one thing

It is not just the devil that stings

We are born into sin so you know

It is the devil that tempts you though


He comes to destroy your walk

So it looks like you just talk

It is not just your soul he steals

He wants your heart so you won’t feel


Why is your heart so important

So Gods ways will be unimportant

Next he comes to kill all life

So you’ll be filled with nothing but strife


His aim is to separate you from Christ

The devil wants to be your tryst

Is there a solution for all this mess

Let Christ be your Lord and nothing less



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012

Hell is a very real place

For all who won’t walk in God’s ways


Evil comes to kill, steal and destroy

He plays with you like some toy


His aim is to cause hurt and pain

For all who, his ways, won’t refrain


He will not wait for tomorrow

To cause suffering and sorrow


He wants to steal your soul

So down to hell you will go


He has no love to measure

Your soul is his valued treasure


He is a creature made by God

Under Christ’s feet he will trod


This spiritual war is already won

Because God sent Jesus, His son


So no longer do you have to delay

To come to Jesus and be saved



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 and 2012