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When you are digging into life by your fingernails

You are grasping at the air like a windblown sail

You stop for a breath of air as you huff and puff

Your minds going crazy as you growl and gruff


Is it sin in your heart that you secretly hide

Down a slippery slope as you slosh and slide

You start to confess and breathe with a sigh

Your heart is relieved as Christ draws you nigh


But the devil is prowling as if he’s looking to kill

It’s your effectiveness that he wants to steal

So you cling to the cross with everything you have

Christ heals your wounds better than liniment and salve


But the devil’s still a prowling as if on a hunt

He lurks in the dark always trying to pull a stunt

He tries to fill your head full of lies that make you quake

It’s your joy that he keeps on trying to take


If he gets you going and causing you to doubt

He’ll have you hanging your head causing you to moan and pout

Thankfully Christ never leaves you all alone

It’s your heart that Gods Spirit makes His home


God’s Word is implanted in our heart

It’s how we lean on Jesus for a daily fresh start

He convicts our heart when we sin

With Jesus as my answer I can win


So if your answer is to tug and fight

Turn to Jesus, for He is Light

Our flaws is not how Christ sees us

Our answer is to be Raised With Jesus




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 through 2016


When sin has a hold and its roots run deep

It grabs you by the scalp while your eyes just weep

It’s embedded in your life down to the core

It’s pulling at your heart pulling for more


When sin is in control and its spinning you all around

You’re buried to the neck in the filthy dirty ground

It’s causing you to lose what matters most in life

Filling your head full junk that causes nothing more than strife


When sin fills your head full of dirty filthy lies

It’s begging you not to stop, for give it one more try

Its aim is to seduce your soul and shred your heart to bits

As if grasping at your flesh with its greasy grimy mitts


It wants you to live in defeat and forget you’re a child of God

Sin shows you all your failures that point to that you’re flawed

But Jesus died for you on that ole rugged cross

He died so you no longer have to live like your lost




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 through 2016