At the Cross


God I s Sovereign

God is Just

In His Word

I must trust


Thru His Word

I walk His ways

In His Righteousness

I will stay


By His Blood

I’ve been set free

All because

He died on that tree


It’s my mission

To testify

About His Grace

How He changed my life


I testify

To His freedom song

In His Presence

Is where my heart belongs


I’ll stand and sing

I’ll stand and praise

On account

My sin’s debt been paid


Forgiveness was offered

At the Cross

Thankful to Jesus

He found me when I was lost




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2019

Our Redeemer


Jesus overcame

What no one could ever do

He paid the price for sin

To give life to me and you


He trampled over death

Then conquered the grave

This all happened on the cross

So our penalty for sin could be waved


He is our King of Kings

Yet gentle as a dove

He is seated with our Father

Which is in our home above


He called us out of darkness

Into His marvelous Light

He is our strength in our struggle

He is our help in this fight


When I’m falling down

I can reach up for His hand

He came as the redeemer

For this is God’s master plan


My security is in Jesus

He is my salvation plan

I’m thankful to God

He sent Jesus to save man



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2019

When Jesus Died


When Jesus died

He saved my soul

He gave me life

He made me whole


I walk with Him

It’s Him I please

It’s Him I trust

To walk in peace


When Jesus Died

He freed my soul

To make a choice

His Word to know


Now His Spirit

Lives in my heart

He changed my life

With a new start


When Jesus died

He freed me from

A life on drugs

Now I’m no longer numb


He changed my heart

Now it’s Him I serve

I obey His Word

So, I never swerve


When Jesus died

He paid the debt

For my sin

Now my ransoms met


I’m no longer guilty

Nor do I live in shame

I put my faith in Christ

Who will never change



When Jesus died

On that cursed tree

He gave me rest

He set me free


I don’t doubt His love

He loved me first

For His love

I hunger and I thirst




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2019

For Him Our Song We’ll Raise


Let’s rejoice and rejoice

Let the Lord hear our voice

Let us worship and sing praise

For Him our song we’ll raise


Let’s have joy and more joy

For we are no longer satan’s toy

We sing praises to our God

Who looks past all our flaws


Let’s be glad and be glad

For our days are no longer sad

We worship the King of Kings

Forever His praise we’ll sing


Let’s be patient and kind

By His Word we renew our mind

His command we must obey

So, in His Presence we get to stay


Love is His command

He’s the Rock on which we stand

His love will cleanse our heart

That alone sets us apart


With love we get to serve

His mercy we don’t deserve

Lord, forever we’ll live for You

You make our desire true and true


Your Blood set us free

When You died on that cursed tree

We’ll forever be Your slave’s

Because You my Lord, conquered the grave




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2019

There Was A Time


There was a time when I was lost

I stole from you, I didn’t count the cost

I was deaf and blind, I could not see

The life that was right in front of me


There was a time when I did not care

I was stingy and selfish, I did not share

I was all about what I could take

But I had pain in me that I could not shake


There was a time when I was mean as can be

I would let the pain and hurt wash over me

The pain and hurt caused me to fight

I got lost in the world of evil at night


There was a time when I thought I was tough

I would huff and puff, shouting out all my stuff

I made you think that I was mean and rough

I would come in the door acting all so gruff


There was a time when I saw that I was broken

I heard Your voice and knew that You had spoken

You spoke into my heart and changed who I was to be

I knew right then it was Christ who died at Calvary


I knew right then that I was dead in my trespass and sin

It was then that Your Holy Spirit came to live within

Now I’m a new creation, I’m set apart

I want to shout out to the world about this new start


There are still times I’m blind and cannot see

I know God’s Spirit has a firm hold on me

I put my trust in Him alone

Until that time I’m going home



© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2019

His Love Will Never, Ever End

We are purchased by His love

Down the cross ran His blood

He purchased us from the curse

Sin and shame were His purse

On that cross He died for you

Oh, how His love runs true

He left the flock to seek just one

His hands stretched out, will you come

Out of darkness, you’ve been called

Into the light where you’re never stalled

In the light, darkness has to flee

Because He died on that tree

Guilt and shame will be no more

Once you pass thru Christ’ open door

Can you hear, hear Him knock

Don’t let time run out on your clock

Will you let Him come inside

Your heart is where He will reside

He will change you from the inside out

He will take away all your doubt

Forgiveness is itching to be your friend

His love will never, ever end

You’ll be an heir to His throne

Heaven will then become your home

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018

Covered By His Love


Dungeons and prisons, do they exist

In my mind, they come with a twist

For a time, I lived without God

Entertaining my life with all of my flaws

I twisted and turned at every little bend

In a dark world, would my heart get to mend

I would go over here, then go over there

Lost in darkness, pulling out my own hair

While entertaining my flaws, I loved my own sin

I was lost in confusion and the mess I was in

It felt like a tunnel, I know I was in a war

To live this dark life became such a chore

This was an addiction, there was no escape

My world was darker than any landscape

At the end of this tunnel, I saw a dim light

But I was lost in this battle, lost in this fight

With nowhere to go, I was at the end of my rope

Holding nothing but pain, with no way to cope

This is the time I knew that I was lost

He stretched out His hand, then led me to the cross

My burdens I brought Him, to that cursed tree

He died for my sins, forgiveness was offered to me

Now I’m white as wool, clean as fresh fallen snow

I belong to my Savior, I know which way I must go

I study His Word, I want to know Him more and more

I’m thankful to God, there was a Knock on my door

From dungeons and prisons, I’m freed by His blood

He washed over my sin, He covered me by His Love




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018