Give me the courage to see through Your eyes
To see the world in its disguise
I look around and what do I see
Crime taking place like a disease
I drive down the road look through the streets
People dealing drugs like they are good treats
As I walk and ponder when I’m looking around
Poverty’s taking hold people sleeping on the ground
There’s a man on the corner with a can in his hand
Begging for spare change from every single man
There’s a gang in the ally shaking people down
Scaring all the people that seem to come around
There are children in houses being abused
Women on the streets being misused
There are wars being fought on every single land
People dying in the streets by evil plans
There’s a church on the corner welcoming people in
Pointing people to the Savior who will cleanse them of their sin
As they open Gods Word that points them to the way
They learn about God’s grace and learn they never have to stray
They learn about Gods mercy and how Christ took their place
How He hung on the cross so they can have Gods grace
They learn about salvation how Christ died to save them of their sins
How the Holy Spirit can come and live within
They learn with Jesus how to live and walk
How they’re actions should line up with their talk
They learn to share the gospel everywhere they go
They learn that being a Christian is not living in a show

Christ was there in the beginning He is the Word
He came with a message that had to be heard
In the beginning when man was tempted to fall
He is the redemption that came to save all

Christ was born from a virgin walked as a man
From the beginning this was God’s plan
He preached to the crowds healed all that came
He had a heart for the sick even the lame

Christ fed all the people raised the dead
He was sold by a traitor to His death He was led
Christ was beaten and stricken He counted the cost
He came to redeem man He died on the cross

Christ paid the price in full it was paid
He was raised to life and conquered the grave
By the Blood of Christ through the death on the Cross
He is the answer to life for all who are lost

Here is His message we’re called to hear
Repent of your sin to Him draw near
Open your heart and let Jesus come in
He is the answer to forgiveness of sin

If you are carrying burdens go to the cross
By the Blood of Jesus you don’t have to stay lost
If you are looking for answers Christ is the way
All who come to Jesus will never have to stray

When you find yourself in a bind
Without a choice and left behind
You look around you don’t know what to do
You want to run but you’re stuck like glue
You’re without a plan you don’t know where to go
Your aim is high but your confidence is low
Still without a choice and no way out
You pull out your hair, scream and shout
You lift up your hands high in the air
Then drop to your knees low in despair
You’re full or tears running down your cheeks
You’ve been stuck in this place, for it seems like weeks
You have no place to run so you just want to hide
You are full of emotions and they all seem to collide
Then you hear the gospel and it warms your heart
For the first time in your life you have a place to start
You open your heart and let Christ come in
He offers salvation and freedom from sin
You confess your sin and He breaks your chains
He is your life’s blood that runs through your veins
As you change, you grow and you mature
He does a miracle in your heart your motives become pure
You can’t keep this a secret you must go and tell
You have to share the gospel so others can be spared from hell

To get love in this life
We have to start by seeking Christ
We ask Him to forgive our sin
Then His Spirit comes and lives within
We have to let Him change our heart
He will break our chains apart
We let His Spirit be our guide
His Word we will abide

To get joy in our walk
We have to do more than talk
We have to turn from our evil ways
Then walk with Him all our days
The Spirit convicts us of our sin
As we learn to walk with Him
We get to serve our fellow man
As we get used in Gods plan

It’s His peace we want to seek
As we learn to trust Him when we’re weak
Our faith gets tested in our trials
Tho’ we lean on Him all the while
It’s His love that pulls us through
When we’re lost and don’t know what to do
His peace comes when we trust
Although obedience is a must
Christ will never leave our side
Because He loves us both deep and wide

There once was a man that walked this earth
He came from heaven through a virgin birth

He came to give a message that we all must hear
His voice isn’t loud but His message is clear

Repent and be saved, turn from your ways
Walk with Jesus for the rest of you days

Confess all your sins and forgiveness He will give
He will cleanse your heart and eternally you will live

As you invite Him in a change will be made
He will break your chains and you’ll no longer be slaves

His Spirit will come and live inside your heart
He will be your guide so turning from sin will be your start

As you walk with Him His message you will proclaim
You will extend His love so people will know His name

When I turn away and run from You
It’s because of sin that has me stuck like glue
I try to do things on my own
Then whine and cry, I moan and groan
I think of You in heaven above
How You give grace and extend Your love
I think of how you died for me
By hanging from a dogwood tree
It’s Your cross that saved my life
You freed from a life of strife
Why do I turn and run from You
I honestly don’t have a clue
I have Your Spirit that lives inside
It’s my flesh and Your righteousness that do collide
I ask myself what’s my plan
I turned back to You and ran
As I drop to my knees and pray
It’s my sin that I confess and say
Lord please forgive me this I ask
Give me strength to not run to my past
As I crawl back into Your arms
It’s Your love that guards me from harm
Lord I’m thankful for Your grace
It’s what saves me in this race

You are our Lord, You are our King
It’s praises to You that we want to sing
We bow in your presence, we kneel at Your cross
It’s Your message of grace that saves all whose lost
You are the light, You are the way
All who come to You Christ will be saved this very day
You are the well that never runs dry
All who drink of you now will never have to die
You are the banner that hung high on a hill
All who submit to You now will forever be filled
You are the bread that gives us new life
We are Your bride like a husbands new wife
You sent us Your Spirit to convict us of sin
Because of Your grace it’s our hearts that get cleansed
You are the Truth that offers us freedom
We change our old ways for we no longer need them
It is out with the old and in with the new
We give glory to God all because of You