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Free From A Snare

When I was young I had no hope

I often dazed I couldn’t cope

I found a new path but was led astray

Now in the dark I learned to play

As I played without a care

I soon found out I was in a snare

The snare was strung from tree to limb

With eyes half closed this looked so grim

Now in a mess with no way out

I soon began to moan and doubt

My thoughts and doubts were full of fear

I wished somehow someone was near

I heard a voice in the distant air

This was somehow an answered prayer

This voice reached down and grabbed my hand

Then led me to the promise land

At the gate I couldn’t walk in

Because my life was full of sin

This voice explained He was my God

How He loved me even tho I’m flawed

His love will cover all my sin

Then free me from the mess I’m in

He began to tell me how He died

To free me from all satans lies

He proceeded to tell about the cross

How He died to save who’s lost

His plan of salvation is my hope

Free from sin I now can cope

His salvation freed me from my sin

Now in my heart His Spirit lives within

I’m a child of God I am His heir

I am set free from my snare

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2018



We Stand On The Promises Of God

Sometimes we stumble, then sometimes we fall

It’s out of the darkness that we have been called

It’s because of Gods mercy that we receive grace

Then we are given power to run this very race

It’s thru struggles and trials that we endure pain

On the just and unjust, my friend, it does pour rain

We have been freed from the bondage and slavery to sin

Oh how I thank God, who freed us from the hell we lived in

We have received Christ’ love, now we can walk in His ways

On this path of righteousness, we walk and not sway

We are indwelled with His Spirit, He now is our only guide

We can lean on His promise that He’ll never leave our very side

Thank God for His Truth, thank God for His Word

Thank God for Jesus Christ and the fact He never swerved

We are called to grow disciples from the Word of God

The gospel is what frees us from our very flaws

We can live in Christ’s salvation and the freedom He alone provides

We stand on His promise that He’ll always be at our very side

Christ is our refuge from the evil in this land

When we struggle or fall He’s always here to lend a hand

We sing out Hosanna, we sing to Christ in praise

All on account that Christ has been raised

I Am Saved By His Grace

I want to walk with my Lord

I want to walk in His ways

It’s my desire to be an example

Of His love in every way

He is tender in mercy

He’s faithful to provide grace

He provideth my strength

To endure in this race

When I feel all alone

Can’t see anyone there

I reach up for His hand

Because I know that He cares

He is mighty in power

Yet gentle to the touch

His love conquered death

Because He loves man so much

When I live out His precepts

It’s freedom He gives

I’m no longer in bondage

To the slavery that I lived

When I lived for the world

I was evil at best

My heart seemed hardened

As it beat in my chest

I’m a disciple for the Lord

As I walk in His ways

I obey His Word

So I don’t have to stray

I can count on His mercy

I am saved by His grace

He’s faithful to His Word

His Truth I live to embrace

Lost In Darkness, Saved By The Light

When I’m lost in sin and darkness

Then pain becomes my friend

The lie becomes all too familiar

Then the world becomes my trend

Evil is all around me

It seems the mark of all my sphere

It consumes my every lifestyle

It has a way of drawing me near

That was until Christ came and found me

He came to me when I was lost

He offered me the gift of salvation

By dying upon the cross

Now I’ve been forgiven

All because of Christ’s mercy and grace

My sin is never remembered

Not one single trace

I’ve been called out of darkness

Into God’s amazing light

I endure my trials and struggles

While Christ strengthens me in this fight

The devil comes to destroy

While Christ comes to save

I get my freedom from the Word of God

Then walking in all His ways

Now freedom is a choice

That I live out through each day

I study the Word of God

I submit to Him and pray

Life isn’t always easy

It can be simple in times at best

We learn to persevere in our struggles

As we endure through all the tests

Christ is our freedom

When life throws us a curve

He is always faithful

We can count on Him to not swerve

It’s love that He offers

By dying on that cross

He left the flock to save mankind

So we can be save and not be lost

When That Cross Was Being Raised

God, You are awesome in Power, You are awesome in love

To all who believe, Your love fits like a glove

I stand in awe, I stand in reverent fear

When I stray away, You draw me ah so near

I’m amazed by Your mercy, I’m amazed by Your grace

All because of Your death I get to run this very race It was the flock that You left to search me out when I was lost

It is hope that You brought when You died on the cross

You are conquerer over death by being raised from the grave

Salvation is offered to all who are being saved

Forgiveness is freely offered after confessing my sin

Death no longer has a sting by the hell I was in

I belong to Your family, I’m an heir with the king

Oh death where is your victory, Oh death where is your sting

I kneel in Your presence, thru boldness I come to Your throne

I live here on earth but heaven is my home

My life has a purpose, to bring You honor and praise

It was Christ that brought You glory when that cross was being raised

I have a message to tell, it’s all about Your grace

How You provide hope to a convert that enters this race

Living In Obedience

God is sovereign, He,s in control

He has a message that all should know

On the tree He paid the price

So we can have victory on this night

He came and walked as a man

Living in obedience to Gods plan

He offers mercy, grace for all

On your life has has placed a call

If you’re sick, broken or lost

Bring all your burdens to the cross

He came to save, be your rescue

He’ll lend a hand by being your refuge

So if your sick and and need a a Savior

Look to Him for more than a warrior

If you want to please almighty God

Live in obedience and forever stand in awe.

I Commit My Soul To You

Lord I commit my soul to You

It’s thru You love that carries me thru

If I die before I wake

I pray my Lord my soul You take

As You give me Your very best

I know I have to endure the tests

It’s my life I offer You

Help me to not live in eskew

If you give me just one more day

I vow to live and follow Your ways

As I enter into rest tonight

I pray you watch over me this night

I’m learning Father to follow love

Thankful that You’re interceding from above

Your not just Savior, Your my Guide

It’s Your love that runs deep and wide

It’s Your presence I stand in Awe

All because you love me God