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Was my heart open when You knocked at it’s door

I remember distinctly for it was a quarter past four

It was the flock you left to come search me out

I had been living lost and broken with nothing but doubt

It seemed like a dream for I was floating on air

Was lost in the world without one single care

I thought my heart was hardened for I was living in fear

Was scared as a baby hiding behind tears

I was big and tough thought I was strong

I missed the mark because I knew I was wrong

My heart is wide open please come live inside

Heal me of my sin so I no longer hide


You healed my broken heart now I walk in Your ways

You relieved me of stress You taught me to trust

How to put my faith in You now for me is a must

I haven’t reached perfection I still lose my way

Even the sky gets cloudy at times it gets gray

I learn to persevere and put my trust in You

I’m learning to love and right choices to choose

It’s Your ways that I walk, Your Word I read

Thankful to the cross and fresh air that I breathe

For You are amazing, You keep me in awe

Your love covers my sin and even my flaws

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011-2018




Tear Stained Shoes


I’ve got some regrets

Have made some mistakes

Been down a road

That does nothing but take


I’ve walked a few miles

In my tear stained shoes

With nothing but scars

My way I did loose


There’s wounds in my heart

Scars on my chest

I keep looking to God

To give me nothing but rest


It’s His grace He bestowed

His mercy I didn’t earn

I walk with Him now

It’s His presence I yearn


His peace He does give

My heart is now full

I feel the nudge from His Spirit

His love has a pull


In His ways that I walk

It’s His voice that I hear

Drawing me close

Drawing me near




© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2017

Christ humbled Himself and became a man

He came with a message obeying God’s plan

He would bleed on the cross to save man’s soul

For this was said by the prophets of old

He came to die to set man free

On a cross that was meant for me

Death could not hold Him in the grave

It was for the lost and broken He came to save

He was raised to life on the third day

Ahead of us He prepared the way

He heals the sick, the lame and the lost

If you want to follow Jesus you must count the cost

He gave us His Spirit to be our guide

Our heart is where His Spirit resides

I used to be broken with a hole in my heart

Until I met Jesus, He gave me a new start

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved 2017

Christ paid the price, in full it was paid
He hung on a cross, then laid in a grave

He was mercilessly beaten for all to see
Then hung high on a hill, nailed to a tree

He was the ransom for all, our ransom for sin
And the rebellion that we live in

He conquered death, in three days He was raised
He gives us life and for that He is praised

He went to hell to set captives free
He did this for them so in heaven they’ll be

His mercy is endless, Grace He provides
He is the Word, in Him we will abide

When He ascended to heaven, He didn’t leave us alone
He gave us His Spirit, our heart is His home

He’s the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End
He has captured my heart, now He lives within

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015